Friendship bracelets: how to choose the most suitable one?

  • Friendship bracelets: how to choose the most suitable one?

    Some bracelets can be worn as decoration, while others, such as friendship bracelets, can be worn as a symbol of a friendly relationship. And if you think that they are only for children, you are very wrong - this is a popular and stylish accessory for people of all ages. In this article, we will discuss what friendship bracelets are, their origin and how to choose them.

    By its original definition, a friendship bracelet is a handmade bracelet for a special someone. It is usually made of several cords that are woven together to form various patterns. Often people use the Macrame technique to make these bracelets - it's a simple, no-special-equipment, and inexpensive way to make bracelets that symbolize friendship. But these days, especially if friendship bracelets are not worn by teenagers, it is popular to buy them from jewelry stores.
    Said to have originated in Central America, these bracelets are a legacy of traditional Native American crafts that became popular in the 1970s. At that time, it became extremely popular to wear ethnic products. True, similar manifestations can be found in other parts of the world. For example, 481-221 Ave. Cr. The art of tying decorative knots originated in China, which can also be associated with friendship bracelets.
    The macrame technique, the art of tying knots, which is often used to weave bracelets for girlfriends, was formed in the 13th century. in Arabia. It is believed that Arab weavers began to create knotted patterns with fringes, which were intended to decorate loom-made items. In later centuries, the practice spread to Italy and France. Sailors also began to use this technique as a way of spending their free time. Interestingly, macrame knots are the same as the knots used by sailors.
    The macramé technique became popular in Great Britain in the 19th century, and in the United States in the 1960s. Although its popularity waned in the following decades, macrame was a fairly popular weaving technique in the early 21st century. But these days you don't have to limit yourself to friendship bracelets made with this technique, because the current offer is really diverse and wide. The only criterion for friendship bracelets is that both bracelets must be the same. Another possible option is when they have certain pendants, for example, magnets that stick or half a heart.

    Also, friendship bracelets are for couples, sisters, and girlfriends. This accessory symbolizes friendship, closeness and love, therefore, when choosing a friendship bracelet, the most important thing is to choose an accessory that you like. Check out the range of stores like Fashion Zone and find yourself a cute bracelet. Not sure how to choose? Here are some suggestions:
    Friendship bracelets that reflect character traits. Did you know that certain colors can represent certain character traits? Pink is associated with nobility, red with honesty, orange with energy, green with responsibility, yellow with positivity, blue with loyalty, black with strength;
    Friendship bracelets that are decorated with personal symbols. Or would you like a friendship bracelet that is decorated with beads or carvings that have a personal meaning? In this way, you will create an accessory with individual meaning that has a special aura;
    Luxury friendship bracelets. Want a bit of luxury and sophistication? Choose gold, silver or other luxurious bracelets. Together, they will be both a decorative accessory and a symbol of friendship.
    It is also very important to choose a bracelet that fits your wrist. If the bracelet is adjustable in size, you do not need to do anything. But if it comes with a rubber band, you should measure your wrist. How to do it? Take the tape measure and wrap it tightly around your wrist at the knuckles. There is no need to leave extra space - the elastic will still stretch a little, so the accessory will not press on your wrist.