How to choose the most suitable ring? Sizing guide

  • How to choose the most suitable ring? Sizing guide

    We can all agree that a ring is a special accessory that can be worn both as a piece of jewelry and as a symbol with a certain meaning. In our society, it is customary to give engagement rings to a woman or girl, as well as exchange them on the occasion of a wedding. Why are rings a symbol of weddings? The round design of the ring is associated with eternity and unbroken connection. Although in ancient civilizations rings, like other jewelry, were meant to show wealth and status in society, they have also symbolized love and commitment since ancient times. For example, the first wedding rings woven from reeds were found in Ancient Egypt.

    However, they are not always worn with a certain meaning, quite often people choose them as an adornment. In fact, because the ring is so popular with both sexes, there is a huge range of them on the market, from engagement rings adorned with a large diamond or diamond to stylish statement rings in precious metals. It can be seen that recently rings for women made of steel, aluminum and the like are only becoming more popular, just like men's rings.
    Ring sizes are different. It is especially important to choose the right ring size, because a ring that is too big will fall off your finger, and a ring that is too small will cause pressure. Of course, the best way to determine a ring is to try it on in a store, but this is not the right solution if you want to buy online or if you intend to surprise your significant other. So, here are 3 ways to find out your ring size without measuring it:

    Measure the circumference of your finger. One of the easiest ways is to measure the circumference of the finger with the help of a paper strip or thread. Simply wrap a strip of paper or thread around your finger and mark the intersection. Then measure with a ruler. On the Internet, and most often in online ring stores, there is a special table that lists the size of the ring in cm or mm. If your measured length does not correspond to a specific size, measure again or choose the closest size;
    Measure the ring you already have. Another way to determine your ring size is to measure the ring you already own. If you have a ring that already fits your finger perfectly, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of that ring. Take a ruler and measure right across the inside of the ring from edge to edge. Then compare the resulting length in millimeters with the ring size table that you can find online;
    Print the ring size chart-guide. Also, if you have the right ring size, you can print out a ring size guide that you can find online. This guide has different size circles, you just need to put the ring you already have.
    All 3 methods are also suitable when you want to know what size engagement ring to buy for a girl. However, remember that some tables use centimeters and some use millimeters, so be careful. By the way, in some decorative rings, the size is adjustable, so there is no need to measure.