Jewelry according to your skin tone

  • Jewelry according to your skin tone

    Various pieces of jewelry and costume jewelry, if they are chosen correctly, can really liven up the style of clothing and even highlight the most beautiful features of a person. Jewelry is worn by everyone - girls and women of all ages, as well as men. And when it comes to choosing jewelry, there are even several ways to match the best accessories.

    The first way is to match them with your outfit. If you are wearing a casual outfit such as a blouse and trousers or a skirt, choose minimalist jewelry. Accessories such as stud earrings or a thin chain with a small pendant add playfulness and charm without creating a cluttered and overly flamboyant style. White metal or silver jewelry is an excellent choice for everyday use. If you're wearing a dressier outfit, like a dress, you can match it with dressier accessories like a pearl necklace or larger earrings. You can also choose jewelry that reflects the motifs prevailing in the outfit: nature motifs, animal motifs. Matching jewelry and clothing colors is also a way to create unity.
    The second way is to match the jewelry to the occasion. Similar to matching the outfit, this method is based on almost the same principles. Simple jewelry is suitable for everyday, and for holidays - ornate, even sophisticated jewelry. The more festive the occasion, the bigger and brighter the accessories can be. Both gold jewelry and jeweled accessories are suitable for special occasions.
    The third method, which complements the first two matching methods, is to choose jewelry according to the tone of your body color. Different people have different skin tones, and choosing jewelry based on that can really bring out your best features. For example, if your skin is fair and has a white undertone, your body tone is cool. This means that jewelry made of silver, white gold and white metal is suitable for you. When it comes to stones and gems, red, purple and blue stones are perfect for owners of cool skin tones. If your skin has a brown or pink undertone, you have warm-toned skin. The most suitable jewelry for this type of tone is made of gold and copper. Yellow, orange and green stones are also suitable for warm body tones. Rose gold, which is made by adding copper to yellow gold, is another option for women with this body tone.
    So, when choosing jewelry, it is best to consider all three aspects: the outfit, the occasion, and the body tone. This way you will create stunning combinations that catch the eyes of those around you!

    How to know your body tone?

    Matching your jewelery to your body tone is important as the right metal can help you look stunning. For example, with very light skin, gold jewelry can look defiant and not very harmonious, so silver jewelry is a better choice. Wondering how to find out your body tone? Use the methods listed below:
    Look at your veins. Examine your veins in daylight, they are best seen on the inside of your wrist. If you see blue and purple veins, your body tone is cold. If it is yellowish and green, it is warm. If you can see veins of all shades, your skin tone is neutral;
    Try both gold and silver jewelry. Try wearing both gold and silver jewelry. Which jewelry is more suitable? If gold - the body tone is warm, if silver - cold;
    Monitor your skin after sunbathing. Summer is a good time for sunbathing. After that, some people's skin turns a nice brownish shade, and some people's skin burns and turns red. A quick tan shows that you have a warm skin tone, while a flushed skin can show someone who is cool.